Community Standards & Design Review

Verrado’s Community Standards and Design Guidelines uphold the vision and maintain the values for our community today and in the future.

Community Standards

Community Standards provide guidance for owners to maintain the unique character and shared vision for our community. The Verrado Community Association, Inc. Compliance Policy consists of a series of diverse communications.

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Design Guidelines & Design Review Application

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Prior approval must be obtained from the Design Review Committee, as outlined in the Charter, for any exterior home changes or modifications.

Design Guidelines

Prior to submitting your application, please review Verrado’s Submittal Checklist to ensure you submit all necessary information needed for committee review. Incomplete applications will not be reviewed.

Design Review Application

Guides for Specific Modifications


Shade Structures and Sunscreens

Security Doors and Gates

Exterior Painting

If you’d like to repaint your home using the same colors in the same locations, you don’t need approval. If you plan to change any of the colors, you must receive prior Design Review approval. Prior to submitting, please take the time to review Verrado’s Exterior Paint Workshop Presentation to ensure that you’re selecting colors that are appropriate for the specific architectural style of your home.

All paint applications must be submitted to our office in hardcopy because paint chips are required to be attached to the application. You do not need to submit the online form, only a hard copy of this Exterior Paint Submittal Form.

Please ensure that all elements listed on the submittal checklist are submitted to complete your application for committee review; incomplete applications will not be accepted.

Other Modifications

Victory District Walls and Fencing

Select lots within Victory may be allowed solid walls with prior Design Review approval. Please contact the VCA if you would like information pertaining to what type of wall and/or fencing is permitted on your specific lot.

If you are submitting an application for a solid wall or fencing with any solid element (such as a knee wall or slump block wall with view fencing on top), a Neighbor Authorization Form is required to be submitted with your application.

View fencing may be installed on any lot with prior Design Review approval. Neighbor authorization is not needed for view fencing.

Please review the below wall and fence guidelines prior to submitting your application to ensure your proposal is in compliance with these standards.