New Resident Resources

New to Verrado? Welcome home! To help make it easier for you to acclimate to life in our community, we’ve compiled this list of resources. Please note, most of the links on this page require you to log into our site (see “website registration” below).

Bookmark this site

This resident website is different from Verrado’s marketing site, so be sure to bookmark it for easy access. If you’d like to add a website icon to your phone or mobile device’s home screen, follow these directions:

  • iPhone/iPad: Access the website through Safari, then tap the share button (a little arrow pointing up) and tap “add to home screen.”
  • Android: Access the website through Chrome, tap on the three vertical dots in the top-right corner, tap “add to home screen” and then tap “add automatically.”

Website Registration

The first thing you’ll want to do (if you haven’t already) is register for the resident website. Once approved, you’ll be able to log in to view resident-only content on this site and you’ll start receiving resident-only emails from Verrado Community Life. Once registered, we’ll also send you information about how to obtain your Verrado amenity access card, which you’ll need to get into Verrado amenities.

If you’re in the Victory District, website registration will also sign you up for resident-only emails from The Victory Club.

Resident Agreement

When you register for our website, you must agree to either the Verrado Resident Agreement (residents in one of these Verrado districts: Main Street, Heritage, Marketside, or Village Grove) or the Victory Resident Agreement (residents in the Victory District).

The resident agreement lays out the rules for use of both our website and Verrado’s amenities. Read through the one that pertains to your district to ensure you know what’s allowed and what’s prohibited. Don’t know what district you live in? Use this map to find out.

Assessments & Amenity Access

All Verrado residents who are in good standing—meaning they pay their VCA assessments on time each month—have access to two truly unique facilities: Heritage Swim Park and The Center on Main. (Victory residents also have access to The Victory Club.)

It’s important that you take a moment to learn about assessments, how to pay them and when they’re due. There’s even an option to let VCA directly debit your account to ensure your assessments are paid on time every month.

Once you’ve done that, you’ll want to request your amenity access cards. When your request is received, staff will prepare your access cards and communicate with you about how and when to pick them up. Please note, you must be registered for the website to access and submit the form.

Verrado Neighborhoods

Your home is not only a part of a district, it’s also located in a neighborhood, designated by a nearby neighborhood park. Use this map to find out which neighborhood you live in, then connect with your neighborhood leader(s).

Community Governance

There are several nonprofit entities in place to make sure DMB’s tradition for success continues at Verrado. The organizations are distinct yet complementary, each with the goal to keep the lifestyle experience at its best.

Review our governance infographic to get an idea of what each entity is responsible for, then check out our governance webpage for full governance information.

Community Standards

Verrado has specific community standards on the books to keep our community (and your property value) desirable now and into the future. Read this blog to get an overview, then dive in for more information on our community standards webpage.

Design Review

The individuality of your home is key to neighborhood character, but we all have different tastes and styles. The design review process provides consistency in the quality of exterior home modifications that Verrado residents wish to make.

Read this blog to get a better understanding of why we have the design review process, the check out our design review webpage for full details, including the design review application.

Community Concern Form

We need everyone’s help to maintain our neighborhood’s unique character and high-quality standards. As a resident, you can help report community concerns and damages that require our attention. Just fill out this fully online Community Concern form.

Not sure what’s appropriate to submit through the form? Read this blog to get a better understanding.

Resident-led Clubs

We’re all about community at Verrado, and what’s better than connecting with others who share your interests? From books to beer and everything in between, Verrado has a list of resident-led clubs to fit most interests. If you live in the Victory District, you can also participate in these Victory-only clubs.

Don’t see a club that meets your needs? Fill out a Club Application to start one.

Services & Utilities

Not sure who to call to set up services for your new home? Check out our services and utilities webpage. It’s your guide to navigate the utility and other services in Verrado.


Verrado’s common areas are maintained by our landscape partner, DLC Resources, Inc. On our landscape webpage you’ll find a list of resources they’ve provided to help you manage your own yard.


There are several schools that serve Verrado residents. Find links to more information about each on our schools webpage.

New tenant registration

If you plan to rent your Verrado house out to someone else, you or your property management company must fill out the New Tenant Registration form before each renter moves in. Per the Community Charter for Verrado, leases must be a minimum of 12 months; short term-rentals are prohibited.

Contact Verrado Staff

Your Verrado Community Life Team is here to answer any questions you might have. Use our contact webpage to get in touch with us.