Utilities Council

What is the Utilities Council?

It’s a chartered advisory group of volunteer Verrado residents that operates under the overall direction of the Verrado Community Association Board of Directors, advising on all matters related to regulated utilities and their impact on your community.

What does it do?

  • They focus their efforts on the quality, availability, and affordable cost of services provided by Arizona Public Service (APS), Epcor water, and Southwest Gas.
  • They provide information to your community about changes in utility policies or practices that may impact residents.
  • They educate and advise residents about utility conservation and management practices.
  • They monitor, develop recommendations, and lead action in utility matters before the Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC) and other forums.
  • They coordinate with other communities on utility matters where the opportunity exists.
  • They recommend official positions to be taken by the VCA and its legal representation.

How can the Utilities Council help me?

They provide a number of free products and services to help you understand and manage your utilities and their associated costs:

  • They provide consultations and assessments for residents in workshops and in their homes on opportunities to manage utility usage.
  • They share vital information within the community on Their website and on Facebook.
  • They help review and understand your bills and the charges.
  • They help connect you to representatives at utilities with whom they have relationships.
  • They share their experiences with other residents who may have had similar issues and how they were resolved.
  • They show you how you can resize your water meter to reduce your water bills.

Utility Matters newsletter

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